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Kristen Terrette, color headshot 2, 2020

Kristen’s passionate about storytelling and helping people take next steps in their relationship with Jesus. She lives forty-five minutes outside of Atlanta, GA. She served as a Children’s Ministry Director for many years, and with the support of her husband and two kids she now stays home writing Christian fiction and non-fiction. She also serves on the women’s leadership team at her local church and blogs for Wholly Loved Ministries (WhollyLoved.com), On My Heart’s Sharing Our Stories series, well as Crosswalk.com.


I confess- I have a Pinterest addiction. It’s my favorite form of social media & my go-to when I need INSPIRATION. It helps bring characters, settings, & historical events to life on the page. Here are some pins from my See You Monday board. Click on a picture to check them out.

Top 20 Most Inspiring MLK Quotes
Article with Mabel Scruggs recounting her son’s participation in the Chattanooga sit-ins
Tellico Plains: Vintage Mountain Trail Town
President L. Johnson’s Thanksgiving Day Address to the Nation, 1963
Hat Box Luggage
Chattanooga Walking Bridge
Clarence B. Jones, interview about the making of MLK's "Dream" Speech
Cronkite Addresses Nation (JFK Assassination)
Rogers Theater Article
A Brief History of the National Museum of Natural History
CBS New's First Bulletin on JFK Assassination