When Hope is Wishful Thinking…

I welcome my writer friend, Janell Wojtowicz, to my blog. When Hope is Wishful Thinking.. By: Janell Wojtowicz Have you ever wondered where authors get the titles for their books? Some are obvious: “War and Peace.” Others at first glance have readers scratching their heads:

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Ark Encounter

Guest Post Preslaya Williams Blog

  Guest post on Preslaya Williams blog! Hey readers! Last weekend my family went to see the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. It was amazing. I was blessed to be given the chance to write a guest post about it on Preslaysa Williams blog! Check out

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What’s the playlist of your life?

I have put to paper four novels and each one has a very specific playlist. (See Thad & Eva’s below!) It wasn’t intentional. The songs just made their way into the story to reflect a character’s attitude, a feeling, or as a way to put

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person-woman-apple-hotel small

Literary Fiction. A misunderstood genre…

Most of my friends and readers know my Contemporary Romance novel, Safe Harbor, recently released. It’s surreal to hear from people about the story and its characters- to find out they want more from them and are eager to read the next book in the

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Pit Bulls, Parolees, & Princess Bride

It’s a new year primed for new adventures and new traditions, new opportunities and new habits. But if you’re like me you’ve made the same new year’s resolution this year as last year, and possibly even the year before that! I think I’ve said for

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Christmas cookies-kari-shea

Worship Fail

Every six weeks or so I have the honor of giving the offering moment during the Sunday morning worship service at my church. A while back, I used this time to talk about proper worship. It led me to ask myself, “what is worship?” Singing,

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man with Bible

Where have all the patriarchs gone?

Could the tides be changing? I find myself often asking the question, “Where have all the patriarchs gone?” A quick definition of the word patriarch is: the head or leader of a household. But when you look up the true definition, you quickly see it

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Website and Cover Reveal Day!

Today will go down as one of the top ten best days of my life. And I have actually put some thought into this: Day my daughter was born (Equal to number 2, because who can decide on which child’s birth was better!) Day my

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