What’s the playlist of your life?

I have put to paper four novels and each one has a very specific playlist. (See Thad & Eva’s below!) It wasn’t intentional. The songs just made their way into the story to reflect a character’s attitude, a feeling, or as a way to put

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Pit Bulls, Parolees, & Princess Bride

It’s a new year primed for new adventures and new traditions, new opportunities and new habits. But if you’re like me you’ve made the same new year’s resolution this year as last year, and possibly even the year before that! I think I’ve said for

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Worship Fail

Every six weeks or so I have the honor of giving the offering moment during the Sunday morning worship service at my church. A while back, I used this time to talk about proper worship. It led me to ask myself, “what is worship?” Singing,

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man with Bible

Where have all the patriarchs gone?

Could the tides be changing? I find myself often asking the question, “Where have all the patriarchs gone?” A quick definition of the word patriarch is: the head or leader of a household. But when you look up the true definition, you quickly see it

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Topic Tuesday~ Roomies for Life.

It’s Topic Tuesday!  I know this has happened to some of you before- You’ve had a day or a week where the same themes keep running through your mind and consciousness. Example- you are super frustrated with your kids then someone posts on FB about

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Seven Deadly Sins…

Sin: It seems we always are talking about it lately, but only it’s not the sin we commit ourselves, but yet the sin we see others commit, the sin we see others struggle with, the sin that binds someone else in a permanent hold. Even

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Many of you see “#FirstWorldProblem” and know exactly what it’s referring to- the sarcastic remark made by us First World-ers when we face a problem any human living in a Third World country would laugh at, or even snarl at. Using the hashtag we can make light of our

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If you do it once, you’ll wanna do it again…

You know how skydivers say if you do it once, you’ll want to do it again? Honestly, I’ve never understood this statement. I could never talk myself into thinking even once was a good idea, so why would it be a good idea twice? Doesn’t

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Tales from a Blended Life, Part Three

Alrighty- I’m ready to tackle the final surefire rules to help our blended families survive WITHOUT the drama! In case you missed the first two posts, I encourage you to go read them to better understand what “living a blended life” actually means, AND learn

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