Topic Tuesday~ Roomies for Life.

It’s Topic Tuesday!  I know this has happened to some of you before- You’ve had a day or a week where the same themes keep running through your mind and consciousness. Example- you are super frustrated with your kids then someone posts on FB about

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Seven Deadly Sins…

Sin: It seems we always are talking about it lately, but only it’s not the sin we commit ourselves, but yet the sin we see others commit, the sin we see others struggle with, the sin that binds someone else in a permanent hold. Even

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Many of you see “#FirstWorldProblem” and know exactly what it’s referring to- the sarcastic remark made by us First World-ers when we face a problem any human living in a Third World country would laugh at, or even snarl at. Using the hashtag we can make light of our

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If you do it once, you’ll wanna do it again…

You know how skydivers say if you do it once, you’ll want to do it again? Honestly, I’ve never understood this statement. I could never talk myself into thinking even once was a good idea, so why would it be a good idea twice? Doesn’t

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Don’t go Black Friday shopping just yet…

Like most other adults I come in contact with day-to-day, I live in a rather normal suburbanite lifestyle. The main thread of duplicity among us is that we live in excess. Complete and utter excess. Whether you drive a brand new, fancy car or an

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Tales from a Blended Life, Part Three

Alrighty- I’m ready to tackle the final surefire rules to help our blended families survive WITHOUT the drama! In case you missed the first two posts, I encourage you to go read them to better understand what “living a blended life” actually means, AND learn

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Tales from a Blended Life, Part Two

Last week I told you a little about my Blended Life, involving parents, step-parents, and many siblings. I also told you my family got it right- not perfect– but right! I want to be able to pass along my insight in how to live a

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Tales from a Blended Life

It’s true, I’m the product of what I call a “Blended life”. I used to find myself saying “Broken Home”, but that sounds like a sad, pieced together existence, and that’s certainly not my life. So now I say blended… So, what’s Blended?  Let me

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Spouses- Accept the challenge!

So… I’m a writer…There, I said it. I finally said it.  Wow. Those three little words took a long while to finally spit out! You see, as long as I can remember I have been telling stories in my head, coming up with plot lines,

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