Be Used…

Do you ever have a day that goes by on autopilot? You know, maybe you’ve made a checklist you supposed to get done, places you need to go, emails and phone calls you have to return, but it’s all almost monotonous? And then, at the

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And the Shoutout Goes To…

Well, it’s taken over a week, and I think I have finally recovered. But…. Last weekend left me tired.  Last weekend left me on edge. Last weekend left me defeated. Last weekend left me with tons of evidence as to why I would be TERRIBLE single mom!

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Go Ahead and Jiggle It

Within the span of a 24 hour period last week, there were specific occurrences which followed a central theme and could not go unnoticed. Why, oh why, do we pick on ourselves so?? I just so happened to take my very first CrossFit class this

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The Lumbersexual…

  The lumbersexual One of my husband’s BEST personality traits is that he really DOES NOT CARE what other people think of him. He has this confidence, not cockiness, about him that I simply may not ever understand. He can throw on whatever he wants,

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It’s cool to be kind…

it’s cool to be kind Earlier this week, I clicked on a Facebook link, and watched an adorably sappy commercial from an insurance company in Thailand. (My cousin informed me all Thai insurance commercials are like this and to youtube it! So, I did. Too

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