Fences Left Broken

Fences Left Broken
a Young Adult Novel
Out Now!

Challenged by their college professor to prove that unmasking the past can bring healing, biracial college student, Mia, and her beau, Jadon, tell the story of her fractured family, but it’s one steeped in pain and bitterness.

Three years before, Mia didn’t expect her whole world to change the summer before her senior year. Didn’t expect her dad to die in combat, her mom to go AWOL, and to be dumped in her parents’ tiny hometown in Mississippi with family she’s never met. Add to that she finds out both sides of grandparents have been feuding for generations and that they’re neighbors—yeah, her parents took the whole boy/girl-next-door thing to another level. 

Then there’s the rumor about a murder. Yeah, her life sucks.

Thankfully, she and some new friends set out to discover the mysteries, tragedies, and murders surrounding her families since the Great Depression, World War II, and the Freedom Summer Movement of ’64. Will she uncover the way to reconcile her families, to mend the broken fence between them? Or will she, too, get lost in the bitterness of the past?

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