Go Ahead and Jiggle It

Within the span of a 24 hour period last week, there were specific occurrences which followed a central theme and could not go unnoticed.

Why, oh why, do we pick on ourselves so??

I just so happened to take my very first CrossFit class this past week. I was pretty nervous I’d look like a fool, and only agreed to go with some friends of mine, a husband and wife team. (who workout together every chance they get- and who’re so sweet and encouraging to one another!) Well, when I got there my friend basically apologized in advance for her forthcoming performance….. She even said one time a while back, “I know I don’t look like I CrossFit, but I do.” She has had some recent health issues which have resulted in her sitting on the sidelines a bit lately. And therefore (I guess) felt as if she’d go ahead in get it out of the way that she wasn’t going to do very good during class. 

Here’s the problem- SHE KICKED MY BUTT!

And I couldn’t help but ask myself why did she even begin to think she wasn’t “good enough”? Here’s the other thing- this girl is GORGEOUS! Like, take your breath away stunning and exotic, and admittedly, I’m a little jealous of her light blue eyes and sleek jet black hair! So, why does she pick on herself so??

Then, later, I realized that very morning I’d done this same thing to myself! Moms you’ll understand this- after my babies, I have this “belly skin” that just hangs around and has a mind of its own. Sure, it gets better when I lose 5 pounds and worse when I gain 5 pounds- but no matter what- it’s still there! It even pokes out more on one side than the other! And just that morning, I had asked my husband if he could “see how it pokes out?” Of course, he should never actually answer a question like that from his wife. And he exclaimed, “No, I don’t even know what your talking about!” Of course he’s lying, because my son is 5, and therefore I probably have pointed this particular flaw of mine out to him 1,000 times by now!

BUT- why, oh why, do we pick on ourselves? Why, oh why, do we point out our flaws constantly?!

And men aren’t immune to this either! 

I think we just have to get off our butts and take care of the body God has given us, find a man or women who appreciates our flaws, or maybe is just blinded by them cause they love us…

and jiggle a little bit…

See, at the end of that 24 hour period, I saw this video. I believe it’s a commercial airing in England. I had seen it before, but this time, it had new meaning. At least my friend and I are getting out there and jiggling a little! 

No more picking on ourselves! Because even our jiggly flaws are cool when we’re working hard and staying healthy.

Need motivation? Check out all the jiggle glory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsP0W7-tEOc

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