Late-Bloomers- Guest Post by Author Gail Kittleson

Late Bloomers

Have you ever felt like a late bloomer?

Spring is well on its way around where I live and I love watching the green take over. It’s always funny to see a bud that takes an awful long time to blossom. You know the one struggling to break free. I have often felt like that bud, the late-bloomer of the group, especially when it comes to my career. I’m glad I’m not the only one! My author-friend, Gail Kittleson, calls herself a late-bloomer too. Let her insight encourage all us late-bloomers out there. It’s worth the wait!

Late Bloomers

By: Gail Kittleson

Late-blooming, that’s me. I knew from adolescence that I was meant to write, but lack of self-confidence got in my way. Now with the second in my World War II Women’s Fiction series releasing three weeks ago and the sequel well underway, who has time or energy to lament the lost years?

Blossoming late in life does offer some advantages. Francis Bacon wrote: “Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.”

Ahh … I’m celebrating With Each New Dawn. This novel carries on the story of Kate Isaacs and Addie Bledsoe begun in In Times Like These, whose readers asked, “You ARE going to write a sequel, right? I absolutely have to know what happens with Addie and Kate.”

Yes, I kept assuring them, they’d be able to satisfy their curiosity in February, 2017. And now I’m looking back at the release date. Receiving my first copy of In Times Like These blew me away. My writing class observed the Fed Ex man in shock as I gave him a big hug.

With Each New Dawn’s arrival produced the same effect—I wanted to hug somebody silly. This time, my husband complied. In this story, Addie finds some resolution to her struggles, while her best friend Kate plays the staring role.

So I turn from this completed book, with so many edits I can’t begin to count them, to my daily occupation—editing its sequel. Through all this, satisfaction resonates, even though I’m still such a small-time author.

One early reader said to me yesterday, “I love your characters! They’re so real, I feel like I have to find out what else happens to them.” She made my day, and a persistent inner voice whispered, “You’re an author … You’re an author … You’re really and truly an author!

Gone the self-castigation at wasting my writing gift and wallowing around in fear rather than striding forward with a full heart. My heart is FULL. Stories abound. Characters whisper their tales to me with a rhythm that keeps me hopping. Has any publication hit the New York Times bestseller list? Nope, but readers LOVE the characters I’ve worked to bring to life. What they tell me means so much:

 “Addie is helping me through a difficult time in my life. I’ve earmarked pages of her story to refer to when times are rough.”

“Thanks so much for not giving Addie an easy way out of her troubles.”

Kate gets into frightful dangers in With Each New Dawn, and already, a reader has echoed these sentiments.

“I’m so glad you used no platitudes. I’ve always shied away from Christian fiction, because it seemed so unreal. But you refused to resort to pat answers. Thank you.”

These comments convey that my work helps people—they appreciate realism and honest doubts. Just like you and I experience in the trenches of life. Super believers who sail through struggles with a beatific smile on their faces were a figment of my youthful imagination, and they certainly don’t exist in my novels.

So what can I say? This experience has been worth the wait, and if my gradual (tortoise-like) journey to publication can encourage others, wonderful! If you’re in the slough of despond at this point, take heart—the painstaking work publication requires does eventually bring forth fruit.


You can find and purchase any of Gail’s books, including With Each New Dawn, here. WithEachNewDawn

And check her out on the web!




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