Ministry- An Adventure We’re All Taking

Ministry-an adventure we're all taking

An opportunity to be a contributing writer for a devotional book presented itself recently. I jumped on this ministry adventure after quickly realizing it was a dream I didn’t even know was in me.


But this venture has been extremely hard. I’m never at a loss for words but writing a book which people will use each day to help them grow their relationship with God has been so challenging. In my fiction writing, it’s my characters—the ones that I made up in my head—doing the talking. And when I blog, even on large websites such as Crosswalk, the words are still my ramblings, and therefore ultimately my opinion coming across on the page.


This is altogether something new and different. And I’ve asked myself why does each devotion cause me to doubt my capability of using words to get a point across?


And it hit me. I can’t remember the exact day or exact year, but I know I’ve had a scheduled time with God, almost always in the morning, for pretty much all of my daughter’s life. So, for something like 13 years now, I’ve woken up early (even on Sundays before church) and spent time learning, praying, and worshiping with Jesus. It’s become more than just a habit. It’s now my lifeline, like an IV in my veins pumping power to get me through the day.


So I know through intimate experiences that the time I spend with my own devotional books impacts everything I do. They help steer and focus my decisions and speak Truth into my heart. They guide me in upcoming conversations and help me to be a better wife and mother. They give me an unexplainable joy when Jesus touches my spirit through the words on the page.


You see, I have to get the ones I write right! I’ve prayed each and every minute I work on this project that the Holy Spirit speaks through me. I’ve asked people pray for me to allow the Holy Spirit to take over, for my interpretation and study of the Word to be correct, and for the words I write to be received the way they’re intended.


But then, I started thinking… These same prayers are ones every Christian should be asking God.

1 Timothy 1:12

One of my favorite verses, placed in my direct line of sight at my desk is 1 Timothy 1:12- “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into ministry.” In context here, Paul is writing to young Timothy about how grateful he is for the saving power of Christ, for he was once a sinner, then Jesus saved him, and now uses him to do His works in the world. Paul speaks to us too. Our Savior uses us!


We are all doing “ministry” every single day- in our homes, jobs, neighborhoods, churches, schools… We are taking this adventure together.


So we should all be asking the Holy Spirit to take over and speak for us, because even a smile or a word can change someone’s whole day. We all have to get it right. There is an urgency for us to get it right. The world needs us!


My prayer for you, Believer, and for me is that we all hear the Holy Spirit…that we are so in tune to Him that we speak words of love always. I pray we recognize each and every day that, as Christians, we are doing ministry, God’s work in his kingdom—no matter where He’s placed you to be used.


Will you pray for me as I pray for you while we journey on the ministry adventure? We have to get it right.


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Kristen is on fire for Christ and loves to serve Him. Whenever she’s not penning a new novel, she’s writing for and, or serving on the Ladies Leadership at her church. But her favorite thing to do is get outside with her husband and two children. 

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