Pit Bulls, Parolees, & Princess Bride

It’s a new year primed for new adventures and new traditions, new opportunities and new habits. But if you’re like me you’ve made the same new year’s resolution this year as last year, and possibly even the year before that! I think I’ve said for five years I’m going to lose ten pounds. Every year not much actually changes…

All this talk of New Year’s resolutions keeps bringing this one TV show I love to mind. When I flip to it, I get sucked in and can’t turn away! Every. Single. Time.

Its name is Pit bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet. The show follows the crew and dogs of the pit bull dogVillalobos Rescue Center, now out of New Orleans. The facility takes in the unwanted of our society, the ones…both dogs and humans…who find themselves in a desperate situation. Whether it’s a dog left for dead or a young man out on parole who can’t find a job, they provide exactly what a New Year’s resolution is supposed to do- a new adventure, a new tradition, a new opportunity, or a new habit, but most importantly they set them up for restoration, healing, love, redemption, and a new start.

In my writing, I try to build characters who have been pulled down to the pit of despair (yes, I just threw a Princess Bride reference at you). Characters who are stuck in the lightning sand (another one!) and can’t break free, can’t pull themselves out.

But I believe everyone is worth saving. Everyone can find redemption and restoration. Everyone can be healed and loved. You just have to look in the right places, or to the right One. Each one of my stories is about how this very thing can happen. Do you believe it can?

If you haven’t ever checked out this show, I beg of you to give it a try. I’m betting you’ll get sucked in too. And if you live under a rock and haven’t seen the Princess Bride you can check out these YouTube links for the Pit of Despair scene and the Lightning Sand scene from when Buttercup and Westley are in the fireswamp. I watched the movie with the family over our Christmas holiday. It was just as good the hundredth time around!


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