Tales from a Blended Life

It’s true, I’m the product of what I call a “Blended life”. I used to find myself saying “Broken Home”, but that sounds like a sad, pieced together existence, and that’s certainly not my life. So now I say blended…
So, what’s Blended?  Let me explain.
A couple weeks ago, I was able to get a glimpse of a family living a blended life, just like I did (and I guess still do). My family was able to join some newlyweds, who are good friends of ours, move into their new house! It’s gorgeous! It’s in a great neighborhood/area, and it’s big- really big…. And it better be, cause between them, these newlyweds have five kids! Yes, five kids! This new house will give them the space they need to spread out a bit, and I am SO sure they’ll appreciate the space to get away from each other when needed.
Is it going to always be peachy around the house? Will they always exist in a newlywed phase? Heck no! It’s only been a few months! Who knows what kind of fights have already started, but you know what? This family living a blended life is trying, striving with all they’ve got, to do it right.
Like our friends’ blended life, mine involved quite a few kids as well. My parents divorced when I was five and my little sister was two years old. Both remarried and had more children. My Mom and Stepdad had another daughter. My Dad and my Stepmom had two sons and a daughter. 
That’s a mouthful all to say- I have five siblings!
My Sisters
Disclaimer: Clearly I’m the oldest!
(My wedding June 2003)
And I witness so many families living this life, and I hate to even utter these words…. But many live it totally wrong.
As a product of this environment, I have some keen insight in how to do this right. You read my words correctly- Yes, my family got it right! Are we perfect? Nope. Hardly. But I’m proud of how our family blend works so seamlessly.

My Brothers
Disclaimer: My sibs are gonna kill me for this!
(My wedding June 2003)

In fact, years ago, my Dad was told by one of his oldest friends (who also was dealing with a blended- life scenario) that him, my mom, and my stepmom, should write a book helping other families blend together without the drama. 

Over the years, that has stuck with me, and I have mapped out in my head some surefire rules to help families (mostly directed towards adults) deal with divorce and remarriage. But even you are not dealing with issues related to divorce and remarriage, you still need to be aware of words you might be saying that can negatively affect those of us who are….. 

Over the next two blog entries I will be discussing these more in depth. But here’s the rundown:
1.  Wash your mouth out.
2.  Never, EVER, say “half”.
3.  Honor your responsibilities with a good attitude.
4.  Value your time.
I’m hoping this list gets you curious….Gets you thinking…gets you changing….
Clearly, I have taken a much needed break over the summer meaning less computer time, and more kid time. But I think the chaos has now calmed a bit, and Tales from a Blended Life Part 2 will post later this week!