Website and Cover Reveal Day!

Today will go down as one of the top ten best days of my life. And I have actually put some thought into this:

  1. Day my daughter was born (Equal to number 2, because who can decide on which child’s birth was better!)

  2. Day my son was born. (Again, equal to number 1. See explanation above.)

  3. Day of my first date with my husband.

  4. Day of our wedding.

  5. Day I felt God call me into ministry.

  6. TODAY!

Why? Because if you’re reading this then you may have noticed that today I’ve launched my writer website! And revealing my upcoming book’s cover, solidifying me as an author! Truly, I am giddy about this dream come true and grateful to God for giving me stories to tell and draw people to Him in the process.

My first book is a Contemporary Romance called Safe Harbor. It will be the first in my Moanna Island series. (By the way, I wrote the setting for my fictional island YEARS before I ever heard about a Disney movie call Moana. Moanna means ocean.) The book will be released as an eBook in January and the print edition should follow a few months later. (You can see what it’s all about by clicking the preview link on the right.)

Also please take a moment to check out my website and all the other things I’ve got going on by clicking the home button above or clicking here.

If you care enough to have read this far, I ask two things of you:

  1. Spread the Word! My writing success depends on my writing skills and your support. My husband will appreciate it since he’s been footing the bills for quite some time now! (Just kidding, he’s my biggest supporter, but really, he would appreciate it, lol.)

  2. BELIEVE in your dreams. Three years ago (really even longer than that), I thought I might just be crazy for even attempting to become a published author. But with Jesus, dedication and hard work to learn and grow, I find myself in a place I was beginning to think would never happen. If there’s something God is tugging your heart to do, He will make it happen. I can promise you that.

Thank you friends~ and please forgive me in advance for all the promo I’ll be doing over the next few months!



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