It’s cool to be kind…

it's cool to be kind

Earlier this week, I clicked on a Facebook link, and watched an adorably sappy commercial from an insurance company in Thailand. (My cousin informed me all Thai insurance commercials are like this and to youtube it! So, I did. Too funny, but true!)

Anyways, I’m always a sucker for those links where the post says, “Get your tissues ready!” So, no surprise, I teared up almost instantly when the commercial hit its “punchline”. See, the commercial was all about this young man who traveled the same route everyday (probably to work), and everyday he gave all he had to the people who crossed his path- the plant which needed water, the lady who needed help with her heavy food cart, the stray dog who needed food, the little girl who needed money so she could afford to go to school and get an education, and the elderly neighbor he anonymously brought food to. The townsfolk who watched this young man do these things everyday were almost annoyed with his compassion. How could a working class young man be so ignorant with his money? How could he give the stray dog food and leave himself the scraps?

But, the point of the commercial was he didn’t get material or worldly things in return, he received much, much more. He received emotions.  Think about that- emotions. He felt joy, love, happiness, a sense of accomplishment and achievement, kindness, laughter, security, friendship, and the list could go on and on. The stray dog became his dog, the food cart owner became his friend, the little girl finally attended school.

This commercial, whose link is posted below, tugged at my heart strings (which was its intention!) and made me think of my daughter….  I want her to be like this young man.

She is at such a delicate age. All around her there are kids desperately trying to find their way in this chaotic world. Kids who care more about the brand name on their sweatshirt. Kids who want to be tough and achieve this by putting others down. Kids who want to get the attention they lack from home, and therefore act out in class, or have numerous boyfriends/girlfriends to fill the empty spaces. Kids who are desperately trying to do whatever it takes to be considered cool, to be popular.

We’ve all been there. We all remember what adolescence is like- it stinks! But, I want my daughter to be different. I tell her often I’m fine with her desire to be popular, that I even want her to be considered “cool”. But, I want her to be these things because she’s known for being kind.

It can be done. It can be done without the brand name clothes. Without the boyfriends (or girlfriends). Without the new i-Phone. Without putting someone else down to get there.

What will she get out of being popular because she’s kind? Not the latest technological device, cause mama can’t afford it. Not the $60 hoodie because of its logo on the front, cause mama can’t afford that either.

What she will get in return is something way more valuable. She will get emotions.

I’d take joy, love, happiness, security, and true friendship over those things any day.

Check out the sweet commercial that sparked my ramblings here!


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