And the Shoutout Goes To…

Well, it’s taken over a week, and I think I have finally recovered. But….

Last weekend left me tired. 
Last weekend left me on edge.
Last weekend left me defeated.
Last weekend left me with tons of evidence as to why I would be TERRIBLE single mom!

My husband was able to check off a box on his bucket list last weekend. He and some

daytona-500-2015buddies went to the Daytona 500! The “Super Bowl” of racing according to the guys. I, personally, do not understand the drive to see drivers drive around a track 200 times. But, plenty of people do, and my husband is one of them.
He left before the sun came up Friday morning, and came home Monday afternoon. In that relatively short time, he played golf three times (yes, three), ate tons of seafood, and sat with thousands of others to watch these drivers drive.

I was truly, genuinely happy for him, excited even. But, come Monday afternoon, I longed to hear the garage door opening signaling he was home! I longed for someone to back me up when I took my daughter’s phone away because she’s addicted to it. I longed for someone else to listen to my son tell one of his many stories and respond with, “Oh…”, “Sure”, “Cool”, “Nice”, or “Ooooo”. (Parents- you know the drill.) I longed for someone else to be available to make chocolate milk or a much-needed pot of coffee!

But, here’s the thing….the week before he left, I actually told my girlfriends, “It’ll be easy. I mean, we’ll miss him. But, I already make lunches everyday, cook dinner everyday, do the laundry everyday, grocery shop practically everyday. So, our routine won’t change much.”


I’m ashamed I ever uttered those words.

While I was happy he got to take a trip of a lifetime, I was ecstatic when he came home.

Because I can not do this parenting thing alone. So, I have to say:

*Never take your other half for granted! Sometimes just their proximity alone can be just the comfort and support you need.

*And I have to give a Shoutout to all the Single Parents! You are the Superheroes of the parenting realm. Your endurance, patience, and perseverance amaze me. Single Parents have always held a special place in my heart, (you know who you are!) and I pray blessings of peace, joy, and rest for you. When you are tired, or defeated, remember you are raising the next World-Changer, and you are tat World-Changer’s whole World.