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Ministry- An Adventure We’re All Taking

Ministry- An Adventure We’re All Taking

Ministry-an adventure we’re all taking An opportunity to be a contributing writer for a devotional book presented itself recently. I jumped on this ministry adventure after quickly realizing it was a dream I didn’t even know was in me.   But this venture has been 

Preparing for Divine Appointments

Preparing for Divine Appointments

Preparing for Divine Appointments I welcome my writer friend and women’s ministry leader, Jennifer Slattery, to my blog. Today, she discusses how self-centeredness distorts our ability to see the opportunities, the missions, God is giving us to draw people close to Him. I pray her 

The Lumbersexual…

The lumbersexual

One of my husband’s BEST personality traits is that he really DOES NOT CARE what other people think of him. He has this confidence, not cockiness, about him that I simply may not ever understand. He can throw on whatever he wants, and go anywhere he pleases, and NEVER wonder if he “looks good”, or if “he’s dressed appropriately for the occasion”, or if he “should have worn different shoes”…. I mean I could go on and on and on! My husband is a guy who, not once, but multiple times, has tried to walk out of the door heading to church on Sunday mornings dressed in old ratty jeans and a camoflouge shirt- AND I’M TALKING THE UGLY CAMO! And you can forget “matching”, because those rules never apply to him. That’d be silly to worry about your clothes all being in the same color scheme, right? Sure- MOST of us think so, and maybe a tiny part of my husband would even agree. But, either way, he just simply doesn’t care, because he is completely unbothered by what other people might think of him.

Which is why it is HILARIOUS that my very own crazy husband has found himself, unknowingly, in the trendiest category around! He was a LumberSexual LONG before it was cool to be one! (Google LumberSexual, or search for pics in Pinterest and you’ll see EXACTLY what I’m talking about!) In fact, just a year ago, we all teased him for his lumberjack look, and love of plaid flannels. Add in the beard that comes with every Fall (due to hunting season), and there you have it- my very own LumberSexual. To top it all off, (and look for my pun here) he wears his long hair pulled back in a topknot half the time. The topknot alone could be a whole other blog!  

And it got me wondering….. how in the world did my husband become trendy for the moment? And then, I thought maybe it’s because he just doesn’t care. Maybe all the original Lumbersexuals started out just like my husband. Confident. Uninhabited by insecurities. Cool because they aren’t trying to be cool. Anxiety free. Unflustered by daily demands…. 

lumbersexual-ashley-2Maybe my husband’s very personality is what made the Lumberjack-look appealing!

Hey, you never know…. but think how freeing it must be to live your life like my husband? To walk through your day with not a care in the world?

Personally, I’m going to try to live more like him. I’m sure I’ll always strive to match, and I certainly won’t show up to church in real-tree camo attire. But, I will try to not worry so much about what others could be thinking about me… How others might be judging me…

Who knows? You could live this way and find yourself sparking a whole new trend!

Oh, the freedom!

Just for fun I made a “LumberSexual” board on my Pinterest page. It took all of five minutes- they’re everywhere! You can check it out here!


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